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December 12, 2008


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I agree that many suppliers put too much pressure on the retailer to make large financial commitments by stocking excessive inventory. However, something that needs to be considered before a retailer can stop stocking an inventory of bikes is the need for customers to "kick tires" before buying. The average consumer is going to want/need to see, touch, and experience before making a purchase and if the retailer doesn't have some examples for the customer, it will make the sale much harder.

When I went back to Japan to obtain a visa stamp, I read a few books about TOYOTA WAY because I knew Seven's business is based on Toyota way and I wanted to understand more about Seven. So Now Toyota way is not so new idea(That means it is known very well.) but I was surprised that the books were first published in 1978 and the idea has still been infuluencing peapole. I acttually can understand Toyota way is a reasonable way to produce products (Start from needs,just in time,seven waste, five times "WHY", the right product to sell at the right time...). And I also satisfied that the big difference between TOYOTA and FORD was the opposite way and idea.

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