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April 03, 2009


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I was in retail for some of those "golden days" of Ti. When the new alloyed Ti replaced the crack-prone Italian Ti frames - since a Teledyne was just a ghost of a thing. I did move on -- had to if I ever wanted to buy what I was selling.

I haven't gone carbon. Based on what I want, and what I've been reading, Ti is looking like its in my future. Hopefully the economy will turn around. I need a new (marketing)job before getting a new frame!

i never fell for the whole carbon craze. for the simple reason: carbon breaks. ti on the other hand, seems to be the ideal frame material. it can bend and flex , yet stay strong and light, like it's supposed to. my seven bike turned 10 yrs. old this year. i have done nothing to it except upgrade to DA 10 speed, and replace the usual stuff that needs replacing from normal wear and tear. i did, however have to replace my front fork (carbon fiber) because it BROKE ! my seven bikes (i have a road and a mtn.) are the best bikes i have ever owned and ridden.

Titanium is incredibly strong. It's been used in high-speed aircraft such as the legendary SR-71 Blackbird spy plane that can fly at three times the speed of sound. Conventional metals would simply melt in that extreme heat and altitude. Titanium, thus, is the obvious choice for the Blackbird's skin. Titanium, however, back in the Cold War was expensive and in short supply. To remedy this, the CIA used a false company to buy titanium from the world's biggest supplier - the Soviet Union. Fortunately for us, titanium has become cheaper since Russia decided to dump their huge stockpile of titanium in the market. That's why we now commonly see titanium on bikes, watches, and even in dental implants.

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