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March 01, 2011


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That integrated headlight is really cool!


Joe: Thanks! It took a while to get the light angle, bar height, and overall front end height of the bike figured out; but, we think we've got it!

By the way, your Soulrun gear is great. Matt Roy speaks very highly of it. People should check it out. website: http://www.soulrun.com

We'll post photos of the complete bike soon.

thanks for posting again! these projects are really inspiring. i'd like to see where the seven cycles collaborative project finally wound up too!

Bryan: Thanks for reading, and thanks for the feedback. I always have a difficult time deciding to work or write about the work.

For the Collaborative project we've been talking again recently about posting more and showing the results--it ended up not quite as we expected but we learned a lot and we're looking at starting Colab 2.0. Stay tuned!

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