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November 06, 2008


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oui je le veux. yes my garage is ok to have the same.why do todays bike makers are scared or incapable of making so sweet and different bikes.thank you rob for still beeing in the bizz.

hi, i'm just curious about the new sola sl titaniium frames,the bended downtubes.is at better than the straight downtube,2008 model?

Did that later evolve into the prized " newsboy"?

Hi Rob,
Great stuff and great memories.I would stop at the Merlin shop and harass everyone whenever I rode in the Lynnwood Forrest races or visit relatives in Winthrop.

I have a question about my Mongoose all Titanium Tomac Signature you built for me.

There was mention that some bikes had carbon tubes within the Ti tubes to stiffen it up.
Is that true?
If so, all of them (the few that were made) or just those that went to JT?
Thanks and I'm stiull riding my Merlin Extralight road as well as the Mongoose.
Stay well,

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