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December 27, 2008


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When I worked for the frame manufacturer, I had some experiences to sell ordinary bikes($100 around)and repair work (The company also has a small bike shop(not expencive bike) next to the workshop.). When I started to manage the shop(I also had to work as a frame builder at the same time.), the shop kept a large stock. My main work was, of course, to make frames so anyway, I had to work as quick and correctly as possible in the bike shop. So I first arranged the stocks( bike and parts) and divided things that were needed and extra. Then,I sold them(extra) with cutting the price. After that, I examined what is needed, tried not to have many extras, tried to be clear the things. In the process of the work, I learned that I needed an ability to evaluate what customers want. I think the stocks would become larger and larger unless we do not have the ability, and this might be difficult.

I wonder if the automobile industry could take some lessons from you Mr. Vandermark!

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