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December 05, 2008


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I really understand your idea. And I always think there is another important thing that is how much we(EMPLOYEES)can have a view and work for the company from the EMPLOYER side. That means how much employees can share with the employer's idea and think about what to do. Not only employer,but also we employees should think something for the company's future and work. It might be a difficult thing, but if we can keep trying and suffering for it, it would be a big power. So in the meaning, Seven is a good company, I think. In Japan, this idea is common. In the US too? Do you understand what I mean?

This is a really good point and a big topic. I will write a post about it and we can see how closely I understand your idea. I believe you are saying that it can be helpful for the employee to think of the company, not just the self. And that working to improve the company actually also improves the self. I agree that this is maybe more of a Japanese style than an American style. Americans are more 'me' centered. This can be good sometimes, too.

Yoshi, thanks for your comments. I look forward to posting about this.

Exactly! You already said what I wanted to say. And actually I understand Americans are more 'me' centered and it is sometimes good. Many Japanese are not good at speaking about their opinions despite they think and work hard. But Americans are good at it. I have been learning a lot about languege, people, culture and socity...since I came to the US. And I like and respect your business style because I understand how it is hard(custom-build and made in Seven) but how it is worthwhile. I have never seen a successful campany like seven(your way) in Japan(bicycle).

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