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February 11, 2009


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Every time I weld, I am enjoying it, and at the same time, I am suffering it so that I can weld faster and better (like Stef). Every time I weld, I am thinking about my welding style and changing it little by little so that I can weld much faster and better. I will never be satisfied with my style because if I am, my welding skill will not improve. I have always checked and sometimes watched other welder’s styles. This kind of job needs to keep thinking, trying and being patient. It has been just one year since I started welding frames and thinking such a thing.

I still have my original 1996 Merlin with your name on the chainstay. This bike is still my main bicycle and it goes offroad on a regular basis. I don't know if you welded my bike, but "your" welds are strong and beautiful. When people recognize my bike for what it is (I now live in Latin America) I show off the welds at the TT/ST junction and at the BB. Cool stuff! After 13+ years, I still sometimes just stare at it. Thanks for the great piece of art that happens to be a mountain bike! It is still the favorite object which I own.

MM: Thanks for posting. I'm gratified to hear that you are still riding your Merlin! And it's great to hear that your Merlin is still your favorite. Thanks for reading.


There's a saying that sometimes, you got to learn to say no. For a custom business, balancing 'satisfying customer demands' with firm 'no's' must be an art. I worked at a company where they learnt to nod their heads at every customer requirement. You should see the amount of engineering workload we have, as a result. :)

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