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April 05, 2009


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Rob, I am very intersted to see some of your thoughts on cutting electricity consumption on these frames. I assume you are looking at total usage, not just usage at Seven.
eagarly anticipating!!

I have been interested in long life design. The idea of mass production and consumption is over and long life design is needed, today. If we think of it in bicycles, the products we make would be accommodated. One of the examples is that the bikes made of titanium and steel can be repaired and kept being used. How about carbon bikes? If we can design carbon bikes or a system which can be fixed and used again, it would be wonderful and could be a bike in long life design and be as a new bike. In order to have a view of long life design and to design, it will be needed if how much we can see a cycle deeply about how the things are made and sold and used and scrapped or recycled. Can we make the system clearly to our society through the bicycles we make? I think Seven is very close there. Don’t you think so?

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